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Summer 2022 The heart of cardiac care in Ashtabula County ACMC earns national and statewide honors New home for rehabilitation services

EACH ISSUE of Pulse magazine brings you news about the latest technology, services and providers available at Ashtabula County Medical Center. This issue, we are sharing the biggest news to impact healthcare in Ashtabula County in nearly 50 years— the addition of a multi-story patient care tower on our main campus. I am excited about this project. It is the culmination of our caregivers’ dedication to providing high quality patient care, the commitment of our Board of Directors, and the trust the community places in ACMC. It will be the first new major construction on the campus since The Ashtabula Clinic medical office building was added. The last new construction to the hospital building itself was in the mid-1970s. The new patient care tower is scheduled to open early in 2024—the year we celebrate our 120th anniversary. Decades of dedication What a milestone, considering our history! When ACMC opened its doors to patients on June 30, 1904, it offered access to two operating rooms, four wards, and six private patient rooms. A handful of physicians saw patients for emergency needs as well as for women’s health; pediatrics; and kidney, liver and lung issues. Major construction projects, from 1916 to 1975, all expanded the hospital to what you see today—a facility with more than 60 ACMC and Cleveland Clinic physicians and advanced practice Welcome Building tomorrow’s healthcare at ACMC — Michael Habowski, President and CEO ACMC Healthcare System Each renovation improved access to providers, introduced new technology to the area and made a patient’s stay more comfortable. providers who see patients throughout Ashtabula County. Since 1975, ACMC has renovated and improved the existing building to better care for patients. Each renovation improved access to providers, introduced new technology to the area and made a patient’s stay more comfortable. Our new patient care tower was designed with that same mindset. I am also proud that you will be able to read about several recognitions ACMC has received this past year. These represent each caregiver’s dedication to providing appropriate treatment for the best outcomes for our patients. These are national honors that may seem surprising for a smaller community hospital. These recognitions don’t surprise me. Every day I get to see our caregivers in action—doing whatever it takes to care for our patients. I am honored to work alongside the over 1,300 caregivers in the ACMC Healthcare System. They make ACMC a great place to work and a great place to receive care. 2 ACMC Pulse •

ASHTABULA COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER broke ground June 30 on a new patient care tower. The 115,000-square-foot, multi-story addition will add 55 new private patient rooms, a new Intensive Care Unit, five new operating rooms and 24 new rooms in the Emergency Department. “For the past several years, the Board of Directors and administrative team have discussed the aging condition of many parts of the hospital,” said Nancy Kister, Chairperson of the ACMC Healthcare System Board of Directors. “We have spent a lot of time reviewing the needs of our patients, caregivers and the organization as we plan for what our future will look like over the next 10, 20, 30 years and beyond.” Michael Habowski, ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO, said, “Since opening in 1904, the hospital has been committed to responding to the changing healthcare needs of our communities. The planned new patient care tower is another example of that commitment. ACMC has been the healthcare provider of choice for Ashtabula County. The new tower will create an even better environment for our patients and caregivers and will enable us to advance our mission of providing quality healthcare that makes a positive impact on our communities.” Future of care New patient care tower to open in 2024 The new patient care tower will connect to the current hospital on the south side of the building and will give patients and caregivers more exposure to natural light. The new patient rooms will have private bathrooms and showers and will be more spacious and comfortable for families while visiting their loved one. Patients on the east side of the tower will have views of the Ashtabula River. Plans include a new hospital entrance with additional green space. 1904 New and improved —Continued on page 4 ACMC Pulse • 3

There will be two separate roadways leading to the new Emergency Department—one for patients and one for Emergency Medical Services squads. Emergency Department patients will have dedicated parking spaces as they do now. The design of the new tower also takes into consideration the flow of patients to provider offices in The Ashtabula Clinic as well as to departments in the current south and north wings of the hospital. “This is the hospital’s largest construction project and the first major construction to the Lake Avenue campus in more than 40 years. Prior major construction projects for the hospital were in 1916, 1952, 1963 and 1975,” said Habowski. “The new patient care tower will further our commitment to advancing healthcare for years to come. It is designed to adapt to new technology and incorporate new equipment as they are developed.” Future of care 1980s 1974 A long history of advancing healthcare in Ashtabula County + Ashtabula General Hospital—the precursor to ACMC—was the first in Ashtabula County. + ACMC was the first in Ashtabula County to install an MRI; prior to that, patients had to travel to Erie or Cleveland for an MRI. + ACMC was the first in Ashtabula County to have an accredited fixed mammography site. + ACMC was the first in Ashtabula County to use radioactive isotopes in the Radiology Department. + ACMC was the first in Ashtabula County to provide cataract surgery with an ophthalmic laser. + ACMC is the only hospital in Ashtabula County with a cardiac catheterization lab. + ACMC is the only hospital in the Ashtabula County with an inpatient behavioral health unit. + ACMC’s affiliation with Cleveland Clinic provides overnight telemedicine coverage by trained critical care providers for patients in the Intensive Care Unit. —Continued from page 3 ACMC HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IS THE LARGEST EMPLOYER IN THE COUNTY, infusing over $100,000,000 into the economy each year through the salaries and benefits of our 1,300 caregivers. The healthcare system also contributes in excess of $1,150,000 each year in combined income tax revenue for Ashtabula City, Conneaut City, Geneva City, Geneva Schools and Jefferson Village. $100,000,000 4 ACMC Pulse •

2024 TOGETHER, WE THRIVE Would you like to support this renovation and expansion project or other areas of need? Donations can be made online at foundation or by phone at 440-997-6605. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW + Anticipated completion: First quarter of 2024, welcoming patients in April 2024 + 115,000-square-foot, fourstory patient care tower + 55 new private patient rooms, including 10 new ICU rooms + 24 new emergency department rooms + 5 new operating rooms + Relocation of ACMC Wound Healing Center “To all our communities, we say thank you for entrusting us with your care. We know you have a choice. We are honored that you choose ACMC.” —Michael Habowski, ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Better for everyone Teams of ACMC caregivers were engaged to help determine aspects of the design and room layout. Rooms in the new tower are being designed around workflows, not the other way around. New technology was incorporated in the plans that will allow caregivers to spend more time at the bedside with patients. And several additional safety measures—in direct patient care and in everyday operations of the building—were included. “We chose the theme ‘Advancing Healthcare: Today and Tomorrow’ for this project. It is a theme that pays tribute to our past, recognizes what we do today and promises what we will do tomorrow,” Habowski said. “To all our communities, we say thank you for entrusting us with your care. We know you have a choice. We are honored that you choose ACMC.” 2024 ACMC Pulse • 5

ACMC Center for Heart Care National heart care registry puts ACMC on ‘Best Hospitals’ list QUALITY OF LIFE Your heart is in good hands. For more information about ACMC’s Center for Heart Care, please visit To schedule a cardiology appointment or diagnostic exam, please call 440-994-7622. ASHTABULA COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER’S use of a national database of cardiac implant devices has earned it a place in U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 rankings of best hospitals for cardiac care. ACMC is one of only about 20 smaller hospitals in Ohio to be included in the rankings. “ACMC is part of the EP (electrophysiology) Device Implant Registry. The registry uses nationally collected, real-time data on patient care specifically related to heart conditions and the use of pacemakers and defibrillators in treating those conditions,” said Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Perry Fleisher, MD. Dr. Fleisher and Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Ali AlAssaad, MD, see patients full-time at ACMC’s Center for Heart Care, along with ACMC Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Ben Meola. As a participant in the registry, ACMC not only benefits from access to the latest evidence-based best practices but also contributes to an ever-growing knowledge base used to advance medical treatments for heart patients. “This data is analyzed and used to compile guidelines and procedures that help us provide evidence-based treatment options for our patients. But it is more than a reference guide,” Dr. Fleisher said. “Our outcomes are open to comparison with the best centers of excellence.” Count on quality ACMC voluntarily participates in the EP Device Implant Registry and several other national registries. “Participating in the national registries reflects our commitment to high-quality care. I am proud that ACMC’s contributions to the EP Device Implant Registry advances medical knowledge,” said ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski. “Our patient treatment outcomes are on display alongside those across the nation for comparison. It shows that our highly trained cardiologists and support caregivers have an impact on heart care nationally, while focusing on the care and treatment they deliver right here in Ashtabula County.” Getting the appropriate care at the right time is crucial for patients with potentially life-threatening heart problems. ACMC offers a variety of cardiac services to diagnose and treat heart health problems—cardiac defibrillator implantation, congenital heart defect intervention, diagnostic cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology studies, pacemaker implantation and more. ACMC was among the first hospitals of its size to offer a new vitamin capsule-sized pacemaker for patients with chronic heart problems. The hospital’s cardiologists continue to use traditional pacemakers, when appropriate, as well as implantable diagnostic equipment that measures heart health. The American College of Cardiology also recognizes ACMC as a HeartCARE Center—a facility that demonstrates its commitment to a comprehensive, high-quality culture in caring for cardiovascular patients. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and Ashtabula County. 6 ACMC Pulse •

Smaller pacemaker is a game-changer A NEW PACEMAKER the size of a vitamin capsule is being used at Ashtabula County Medical Center to restore the quality of life for patients with chronic heart problems. “It’s a game-changer for some of our patients,” said Perry Fleisher, MD, a Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist who sees patients fulltime at ACMC. “We are among the first hospitals our size in Ohio to offer this technology. It was previously only available at large academic medical centers. I am excited to bring this to Ashtabula County and ACMC’s patients.” Restoring rhythms For nearly 65 years, pacemakers have kept hearts beating by sending a pulse that maintains a natural heart rhythm. A healthy heart beats 60 to 100 times per minute. A slow heart rate is known as bradycardia. It may not be noticeable immediately, but if the slow heart rate persists, it may interfere with a person’s ability to maintain exercise or engage in other activities for as long as they once could. They may also feel dizzy or tired, have shortness of breath, or may faint. A cardiologist can diagnose the cause of bradycardia and recommend treatment options, such as a pacemaker. Traditionally, a pacemaker, about the size of a tea bag, is placed under the skin with electrode leads running to the heart. The new MicraTM pacemaker, now available at ACMC, is the size of a large vitamin capsule. There are many benefits to the MicraTM. It attaches directly inside the heart rather than being placed under the skin with wires leading to the heart. It is inserted through the femoral vein in the groin during a minimally invasive procedure. The MicraTM automatically adjusts to increased physical activity and will adjust the heart rate appropriate to that activity. The device will continue to operate for up to 13 years and can be replaced. The MicraTM is also programmed by the cardiologist to meet the patient’s individual needs, and that programming can be adjusted without the need for further surgery. Enhancing lives Patients who have had a leadless pacemaker say they appreciate that there is no bump under the skin and no scar on their chest. They also have fewer restrictions to activity, since there are no leads to damage. Plus, they can have diagnostic tests, like MRIs, without risking damage to the device. “This device also significantly lowers the risk of infection and other complications since there is no chest incision,” Dr. Fleisher said. “We’ve heard from patients who say this new pacemaker has changed their lives for the better,” said ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski. New technology ACMC Pulse • 7

Behavioral Medicine Unit receives Guardian of Excellence Award Ashtabula County Medical Center’s inpatient Behavioral Medicine Unit is one of only 250 hospital units across America to receive a Guardian of Excellence Award. Achieving the award places ACMC in the 95th percentile for patient experience. The award is given annually by Press Ganey, an independent organization that monitors healthcare performance improvement, patient experience and caregiver engagement. In recognizing ACMC’s Behavioral Medicine Unit, it was noted that the high ranking is the result of years of focus and determination to keep care and treatment options focused on patients. The Behavioral Medicine Unit at ACMC is a 17-bed unit that offers individual, group and family therapy to address emotional, physical and spiritual needs; recreational activities; nutrition and medication education; and connection to community resources for ongoing support after discharge. The goal of inpatient behavioral medicine treatment is to promote wellness, assist individuals to function at their highest level and improve quality of life. The unit’s skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals will help make this difficult time less stressful for the patient and family alike. Pursuit of excellence Employee wellness initiatives earn Platinum Healthy Worksite Award ACMC Healthcare System has received a Healthy Worksite Award, Platinum level, from the Healthy Business Council of Ohio for outstanding employee wellness initiatives. It is the highest award given by the Council, and ACMC is only one of 14 large organizations in the state to receive the award. The Healthy Worksite Award recognizes Ohio employers who demonstrate a commitment to employee wellness through comprehensive worksite health promotion and wellness programs. ACMC Healthcare System has long been a strong advocate of employee wellness. ACMC’s Premiere Fitness offers low-cost memberships to caregivers and their spouses. As part of the annual wellness program, caregivers complete a personal wellness profile and various health screenings to better understand their current level of health. They work with certified staff to develop an individualized plan for health improvement. Incentives are in place to encourage caregivers to meet certain healthcare metrics. The program has been in place for 12 years and is also open to caregivers’ spouses. For the past year, ACMC has provided online workout videos for caregivers and the public to view (live on Facebook or on-demand on Facebook and YouTube). The lowimpact videos have proved to be popular options for those who cannot regularly visit Premiere Fitness. EARN NATIONAL AND STATEWIDE ACMC services and caregivers PRESTIGE 8 ACMC Pulse •

“The national honors we receive are a reflection of the quality and dedication of our caregivers. ACMC caregivers don’t do their job to get noticed or receive an award. They do their job because they want their patients to have a higher quality of life.” —Michael Habowski, ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Wound Healing Center wins Center of Distinction for clinical excellence ACMC’s Wound Healing Center received its ninth Center of Distinction award from Healogics this year, for clinical excellence in patient experience and wound healing rates. Healogics is the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services. ACMC’s Wound Healing Center achieved a Patient Satisfaction rate above 92% and completed 2021 with a Wound Adjusted Comprehensive Healing Rate greater than 75%. The ACMC Wound Healing Center is a member of the Healogics network of over 600 Wound Care Centers and offers highly specialized wound care to patients with diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, infections and other chronic wounds that have not healed in a reasonable amount of time. Advanced wound care modalities provided by wound care experts include negative pressure wound therapy, total contact casting, bioengineered tissues, biosynthetic dressings and growth factor therapies. The Center also offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which works by surrounding the patient with 100% oxygen to help progress the healing of the wound. The team consists of Medical Director Olusegun Ogunlesi, MD, and nine more providers, five nurses, a certified hyperbaric oxygen therapy technician and support staff. Stroke care achieves Gold Plus with Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll for a second time The American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association recognized ACMC’s stroke care for a second time with its Gold Plus with Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll quality achievement award. This is the third year ACMC has received the Gold Plus honor, after receiving Bronze and Silver honors in previous years. Strokes are the No. 5 cause of death and a leading cause of disability for adults in the United States. Every year, 800,000 people experience a new or subsequent stroke— averaging a stroke every 40 seconds. Getting treatment quickly is the key to improving survival, speeding recovery times and minimizing long-term disability. ACMC follows the seven guidelines for stroke diagnosis and treatment set forth by the American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association, which includes the use of diagnostic tests as soon as a patient arrives at the hospital, followed by appropriate medicine administered within the first hour at the hospital. This is the second year in a row ACMC has been honored with the Type 2 Diabetes achievement, a classification by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association designed to reduce death from heart attacks or strokes in people with type 2 diabetes. ACMC showed compliance with type 2 diabetes diagnosis and treatment guidelines, which involve evidence-based use of medication for patients with diabetes; assessment of left ventricle function; treatment of diabetes during inpatient or outpatient follow-up appointments; and ongoing education, including smoking cessation advice or counseling. ACMC Pulse • 9

SHIN E. HUANG, MD, and his family recently presented the ACMC Foundation with a $100,000 donation to help advance women’s healthcare in Ashtabula County. The donation was presented by Dr. Huang; his wife, Seung; and sons, Roger and Joey. “We are pleased to present this donation to the hospital that meant so much to me and to my family,” Dr. Huang said. “We are pleased to support women’s healthcare.” Dr. Huang, an obstetrician-gynecologist who delivered more than 5,000 babies throughout his career in Ashtabula, joined the ACMC Medical Staff in 1972, providing care for women and families until his retirement in 2014. ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski commented: “Dr. Huang devoted his remarkable career in medicine to serving patients in Ashtabula County. Through a career that spanned longer than four decades in this community, Dr. Huang did so much for so many women and their families. We are grateful to him, and to his family, for sharing his compassion and expertise with our patients—and now, for sharing such incredible generosity.” ACMC Foundation The picture of devotion and generosity Shin E. Huang, MD, and his family recently presented a donation to the ACMC Foundation. Accompanying Dr. Huang to present the check were his wife, Seung, and sons, Roger and Joey. Gratefully accepting the donation were Michael Habowski, ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO; Tami Netkowicz, ACMC Foundation Executive Director; and Nancy Kister, ACMC Board of Directors Chairperson. Donation of $100,000 will benefit an ACMC imaging suite dedicated to healthcare for women 10 ACMC Pulse •

Molded Fiber Glass provided funding for the purchase Richard Morrison, President and CEO of Molded Fiber Glass, and the MFG Foundation recently joined with Ashtabula County Medical Center to help improve patient care. The MFG Foundation funded the purchase of a GlideScope to help doctors visualize and manage airways during surgery and other procedures. The equipment is used by the Anesthesiology team for intubations and bronchoscopes, giving them advanced imaging technology to navigate and secure airways. In addition to adding safety for patients, the equipment offers enhanced safety and efficiency for caregivers. The use of the new GlideScope minimizes close contact during an intubation and increases efficiency. “Through the generous support of Mr. Morrison and the MFG Foundation, surgical patients will now benefit from the safety and advanced technology that the GlideScope provides, and for that we are grateful,” said ACMC President and CEO Michael Habowski. While the equipment is used primarily by the Surgery Department, it also supports patient care in the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department. Pictured, from left: ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski; MFG President and CEO Richard Morrison; Daniel Solomon, MD, Anesthesiologist; and David Krantz, MD, Anesthesiologist The gift of a GlideScope enhances surgical care THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE IN THE COUNTY To learn more about diagnostic imaging at ACMC, please visit and click on “Diagnostic Imaging” under the “Services” tab. ‘So pleased to give back’ Dr. Huang said supporting local healthcare has always been a priority for him and that being able to provide support through a donation benefiting women’s healthcare at ACMC is a blessing for his family. “Ashtabula has been our home for a long time, and it’s such a special community,” he said. “I’ve been so blessed to raise my family here and to practice medicine at ACMC. Ashtabula County Medical Center is so very important to this community, and I’m so pleased to give back.” ACMC Foundation Executive Director Tami Netkowicz said this donation is particularly meaningful because of Dr. Huang’s legacy and because of the impact it will have on women’s healthcare. “We are humbled to receive the Huang family’s philanthropy, to continue Dr. Huang’s legacy of enhancing healthcare in Ashtabula County,” she said. “He dedicated his career to women’s health, and we are honored to commemorate his service and continue forging that mission.” Safe, quality care for women The donation supports an imaging suite at ACMC dedicated to women’s healthcare. The suite consolidates several of ACMC’s existing imaging services into an area devoted to the unique needs of women. The suite offers mammography, ultrasound and bone density scans, all within a defined space designed for comfort as well as for quality healthcare services. The project features new finishes, fixture upgrades and new state-of-the-art equipment. “It’s important for all patients to feel comfortable when seeking and receiving medical care,” said Habowski. “We are excited to be able to offer this space for women in the community, to continue to enhance access to safe, quality care.” ACMC Pulse • 11

12 ACMC Pulse • Allergy/ENT Cheryl Katavich, PA Michael Papsidero, MD Cardiology Ali Al-Assaad, MD* Perry Fleisher, MD* Ben Meola, NP Electrophysiology Mohamed Kanj, MD* Family Medicine Glenn Beck, DO Catherine Bishop, DO Tanya Burdick, CNP Emily Cheich, DO James Chillcott, MD Suk Choi, MD Adeola Fakolade, MD Nathaniel Franley, MD Jennifer Glaettli, CNP Feras Hamdan, MD Carolyn Kwan, MD John Lee, DO Lindsey Mellott, DO Peggie Reinhardt, CNP Kathleen Shontz, CNP Marie Stocker, CNP Andi Tirounilacandin, MD Elaina Williams, DO Gastroenterology Jerry Anne Berg, NP Ashok Kondru, MD David Novak, MD David Weinerman, MD Internal Medicine Ravi Chimalakonda, MD To schedule an appointment, call (440) 997-6969. If you are unable to get to your appointment, ACMC’s Health Express shuttle is a free transportation service available to patients of ACMC and our providers. The shuttle runs Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, on a first-come, firstserved basis. Service is limited to patients who are able to board the shuttle unassisted by the driver. To schedule a ride, call (440) 992-1917 or 1-800-292-5707 at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment. BETTER OPTIONS. BETTER CARE. YOUR GUIDE TO ASHTABULA COUNTY’S LARGEST PROVIDER NETWORK. Long Term Care/Rehab Catherine Bishop, DO Sherly Kodiyan-Ouseph, NP Abdul Shahed, MD Neurology Preetha Muthusamy, MD Stephen Selkirk, MD Occupational Health Heidi Alflen, NP Nathaniel Franley, MD Laurie Reed, NP Oncology Shinoj Pattali, MD Mohammad Varghai, MD* Ophthalmology Alexander Taich, MD Orthopaedics Mark Verdun, DO* Beth Zanko, PA Otolaryngology (ENT) Cheryl Katavich, PA Michael Papsidero, MD Pain Management Matt DePaul, NP Theodore Eckman, MD Pediatrics Sathish Adigopula, MD Reham El Gammal, MD Doris Miller, MD Sampurna Shakya, MD Pediatric Cardiology Christina Fink, MD* Pediatric Endocrinology Roy Kim, MD* Anuradha Viswanathan, MD* Pediatric Gastroenterology Deborah Goldman, MD* Pediatric Pulmonology John Carl, MD* Podiatry Michelle Dunbar, DPM Psychiatry Samar El-Sayegh, MD Pulmonology Sanjay Srivastava, MD Yisa Sunmonu, MD Sleep Medicine Yisa Sunmonu, MD Sports Medicine Nathaniel Franley, MD Surgery Evangelos Bibidakis, MD Sang Won Dacri-Kim, DO Tianli Du, MD Urology Thomas Picklow, MD* Thomas Walsh, MD Vascular Surgery Sang Won Dacri-Kim, DO * Cleveland Clinic Specialist

LAKE ER I E Pen n s y l v a n i a 534 534 20 6 6 6 6 322 322 20 45 45 46 11 85 285 11 7 7 531 Conneaut Jefferson Rock Creek Orwell Ashtabula Geneva Geneva Family Health Center 1028 S. Broadway (440) 466-8933 Conneaut Family Health Center 354 W. Main Road (440) 599-2262 Visit for more information and hours for each location. Jefferson Family Health Center 234 N. Chestnut St. (440) 576-8933 Glenbeigh 2863 State Route 45 (440) 563-3400 Orwell Family Health Center 8220 State Route 45 (440) 437-3300 Ashtabula Family Health Center 2259 Lake Ave. (440) 994-7654 The Ashtabula Clinic 2422 Lake Ave. (440) 992-4422 ACMC Regional Home Health 2131 Lake Ave., Suite #2 (440) 992-4663 ACMC Healthcare System LAKE ER I E Pen n s y l v a n i a 534 534 20 6 6 6 6 322 322 20 45 45 46 11 85 285 11 7 7 531 Conneaut Jefferson Rock Creek Orwell Ashtabula Geneva Geneva Family Health Center 1028 S. Broadway (440) 466-8933 Conneaut Family Health Center 354 W. Main Road (440) 599-2262 Visit for more information and hours for each location. Jefferson Family Health Center 234 N. Chestnut St. (440) 576-8933 Glenbeigh 2863 State Route 45 (440) 63-3400 Orwell Family Health Center 8220 State Route 45 (440) 437-3300 Ashtabula Family Health Center 2259 Lake Ave. (440) 994-7654 The Ashtabula Clinic 2422 Lake Ave. (440) 992-4422 ACMC Regional Home Health 2131 Lake Ave., Suite #2 (440) 992-4663 A MC Healthcare System LAKE ER I E Pen n s y l v a n i a 534 534 20 6 6 6 6 322 322 20 45 45 46 11 85 285 11 7 7 531 Conneaut Jefferson Orwell Ashtabula Geneva Geneva Family Health Center 1028 S. Broadway (440) 466-8933 Conneaut Family Health Center 354 W. Main Road (440) 599-2262 To learn more, visit Jefferson Family Health Center 234 N. Chestnut St. (440) 576-8933 Orwell Family Health Center 8220 State Route 45 (440) 437-3300 Ashtabula Family Health Center 2259 Lake Ave. (440) 994-7654 ACMC Regional Home Health 2131 Lake Ave. (440) 992-4663 The Ashtabula Clinic 2422 Lake Ave. (440) 992-4 22 ACMC Main Campus 2420 Lake Ave. (440) 997-2262 LAKE ER I E Pen n s y l v a n i a 534 534 20 6 6 6 6 322 322 20 45 45 46 11 85 285 11 7 7 531 Conneaut Jefferson Rock Creek Orwell Ashtabula Geneva Geneva Family Health Center 1028 S. Broadway (440) 466-8933 Conneaut Family Health Center 354 W. Main Road (440) 599-2262 Visit for more information and hours for each location. Jefferson Family Health Center 234 N. Chestnut St. (440) 576-8933 Glenbeigh 2863 State Route 45 (440) 563-3 00 Orwell Family Health Center 8220 State Route 45 (440) 437-3300 Ashtabula Family Health Center 2259 Lake Ave. (440) 994-7654 The Ashtabula Clinic 2422 Lake Ave. (440) 992-4422 ACMC Regional Hom Health 2131 Lake Ave., Suite #2 (440) 992-4663 ACMC Healthcare System ACMC Pulse • 13

IT HAS BEEN SEVEN MONTHS since ACMC Rehabilitation Services moved into its new location, and patients and caregivers are loving the larger space and more opportunities to improve health. ACMC Rehabilitation Services Director Jim Pierce-Ruhland said: “The new facility gives us more space and improves the flow of patients and caregivers within the building. It has also opened up amazing opportunities for patients to continue to improve their health through Premiere Fitness.” Helping children and adult patients thrive In addition to more square footage, highlights of the new facility are two separate treatment gyms—one with rubberized flooring, which aids the treatment of athletes and others who need sports medicine care—plus a specialized treatment area for pediatric patients. On the move MAKE YOUR MOVE ACMC Rehabilitation Services, 2241 Lake Ave., Ashtabula, also has locations in Conneaut and Jefferson. Daytime and evening hours are available at all locations. To schedule an appointment, please call 440-997-6680. Occupational and speech therapy require a referral from a patient’s provider. For more information about ACMC Rehabilitation Services, visit finds its niche “Children often need therapy for motor skills or speech delays. Children of all ages can make great strides in functional improvement when therapy is provided early and applied consistently. Our new location provides a wonderful environment for children to receive high-quality physical, occupational or speech therapy that is safe, challenging, interactive and fun,” PierceRuhland said. “The ACMC Foundation provided the funds to support the pediatric treatment area, making it possible to incorporate unique technological tools to create individual treatment plans for children.” The majority of the funding for renovating ACMC Rehabilitation Services’ location was provided by the ACMC Foundation. “Moving Rehabilitation Services has been a goal since we purchased the plaza. It makes sense from a patient-care perspective to have Rehabilitation Services and Premiere Fitness located next to each other,” said ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski. “Our therapists will 14 ACMC Pulse •

Comprehensive care ACMC Rehabilitation Services moved to its new location in the ACMC Health and Wellness Plaza in January. It offers occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and specialty rehabilitation services—all with the goal of helping patients gain or regain optimal function. + Occupational therapy focuses on restoring the skills people need for daily activities, such as working, self-care or home independence, following an injury or disabling condition. + Outpatient physical therapy addresses functional limitations using therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, joint mobilization, massage, dry needling or other treatments. It has been proven to help with pain management, balance issues, physical weakness and inflexibility. + Speech therapy focuses on communication or swallowing issues due to stroke, neuromuscular issues, pediatric speech delay, articulation problems and more. + Specialty rehabilitation services include therapy options to address arthritis, geriatrics, balance and vestibular disorders. Aquatic therapy is also available. Patients access ACMC Rehabilitation Services by entering through Premiere Fitness. be able to incorporate equipment at Premiere Fitness into the patient’s treatment plan. Patients are often encouraged to continue exercising at home or at a fitness center once their course of treatment is completed. Patients who choose to continue their exercise program at Premiere Fitness will already have a comfort level with the facility and equipment.” ACMC Rehabilitation Services’ new, renovated location in the ACMC Health and Wellness Plaza has more square footage and features two separate treatment gyms and a specialized treatment area for pediatric patients. “The new facility gives us more space and improves the flow of patients and caregivers within the building.” —Jim Pierce-Ruhland, ACMC Rehabilitation Services Director ACMC Pulse • 15

A B 2420 Lake Ave. Ashtabula, OH 44004-4993 Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Ashtabula, OH Permit No. 513 FAMILY MEDICINE ACMC welcomes Lindsey Mellott, DO FAMILY MEDICINE SPECIALIST Lindsey Mellott, DO, has joined the medical staff of Ashtabula County Medical Center and sees patients at Jefferson Family Health Center, 234 North Chestnut Street. Dr. Mellott empowers patients through education, helping them learn healthy habits to prevent or minimize illness. She believes in shared decision-making about treatment plans to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness. Patients say they appreciate that Dr. Mellott takes time to listen and shows compassion when they have concerns about health issues. Need a checkup? To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mellott, please call 440-997-6969. ACMC Pulse is published as a community service for the friends and patrons of: Summer 2022 Read more about the new building project on page 3. Ashtabula County Medical Center 2420 Lake Ave. Ashtabula, OH 44004-4993 440-997-2262 Information in ACMC PULSE comes from a wide range of medical experts. Models may be used in photos and illustrations. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your healthcare provider. 2022 © Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. A family medicine provider offers comprehensive, personal healthcare—from routine checkups and preventive health to diagnosing and treating common illnesses and injuries. They also learn your family medical history and will monitor changes in your health as you age. You may only think to see them when you are sick, but visiting them for annual exams—wellness checks—is just as important. They become a partner in your long-term health. Dr. Mellott earned her medical degree from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her residency at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center–Horizon. She is a member of the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians and the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. A A helicopter sits on ACMC’s original helipad. It was one of the last helicopter flights to use the helipad. B For the next two years, helicopters will use the temporary helipad on the southwest corner of the campus.