Ashtabula County Medical Center | ACMC Pulse | Summer 2022

IT HAS BEEN SEVEN MONTHS since ACMC Rehabilitation Services moved into its new location, and patients and caregivers are loving the larger space and more opportunities to improve health. ACMC Rehabilitation Services Director Jim Pierce-Ruhland said: “The new facility gives us more space and improves the flow of patients and caregivers within the building. It has also opened up amazing opportunities for patients to continue to improve their health through Premiere Fitness.” Helping children and adult patients thrive In addition to more square footage, highlights of the new facility are two separate treatment gyms—one with rubberized flooring, which aids the treatment of athletes and others who need sports medicine care—plus a specialized treatment area for pediatric patients. On the move MAKE YOUR MOVE ACMC Rehabilitation Services, 2241 Lake Ave., Ashtabula, also has locations in Conneaut and Jefferson. Daytime and evening hours are available at all locations. To schedule an appointment, please call 440-997-6680. Occupational and speech therapy require a referral from a patient’s provider. For more information about ACMC Rehabilitation Services, visit finds its niche “Children often need therapy for motor skills or speech delays. Children of all ages can make great strides in functional improvement when therapy is provided early and applied consistently. Our new location provides a wonderful environment for children to receive high-quality physical, occupational or speech therapy that is safe, challenging, interactive and fun,” PierceRuhland said. “The ACMC Foundation provided the funds to support the pediatric treatment area, making it possible to incorporate unique technological tools to create individual treatment plans for children.” The majority of the funding for renovating ACMC Rehabilitation Services’ location was provided by the ACMC Foundation. “Moving Rehabilitation Services has been a goal since we purchased the plaza. It makes sense from a patient-care perspective to have Rehabilitation Services and Premiere Fitness located next to each other,” said ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski. “Our therapists will 14 ACMC Pulse •