Ashtabula County Medical Center | ACMC Pulse | Summer 2023

ACMC team AFTER SEVEN YEARS of providing care to the greater Geneva community, Geneva Family Health Center is moving to a new location and will offer expanded services to the community. The new facility is located at SPIRE Institute and will offer family medicine, pediatrics, digital x-ray, laboratory services, physical therapy and more when it opens in July. ACMC Family Medicine Specialist Emily Cheich, DO, sees patients full-time in Geneva. “I am excited about the expansion of available services for my patients with our move to the SPIRE campus,” she said. “With the increased clinical space, it will be much more convenient for them to get the testing and treatment that they might need without having to drive to another location.” Expanding services for community needs Physical therapy services at Geneva Family Health Center will be available to the community and to students and athletes at SPIRE. Physical therapy can help: +Patients dealing with back, neck or extremity pain; musculoskeletal, nerve, athletic or work-related injuries; and balance, coordination or dizziness conditions. +Patients healing from fractures and joint replacement or recovering from a stroke. Therapy options include exercise-based treatment plans developed for each individual patient, potentially in conjunction with manual therapy, joint manipulation, resistance training, aquatic therapy and more. ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Leonard Stepp, Jr., said from the first day Geneva Family Health Center opened in 2016, the plan has been to expand services to meet the needs of the community. “This is the next step, and we are proud to take that step with SPIRE Institute,” he said. “The Geneva Family Health Center m 8 ACMC Pulse •