Ashtabula County Medical Center | ACMC Pulse | Summer 2023

THE STEEL FRAMEWORK for our new Patient Care Tower is complete. It was a moment of excitement and awe for those who gathered outside to watch the final beam go into place. It was also a moment that has been many, many years in the making. Planning for this new construction began long ago. During those early planning meetings, we focused on what a new Patient Care Tower would mean for our future patients. We talked about new technologies. We considered how architectural design improved patient care, comfort and safety. We reviewed the science-based evidence that patients experience better recovery and outcomes when they have private rooms. We also discussed how new facilities improve the abilities and opportunities for our caregivers to give patients the care they deserve. I want to focus briefly on the opportunities our five new operating rooms, 24 new Emergency Department (ED) rooms and 10 new Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rooms offer. Each of these expanded areas points to one thing—patient access to services. Let me explain it this way. Most of us don’t need surgery or emergency care except a few times in our lives. When we do, we want those services quickly and without a lot of hassle. We want to stay close to home to get that surgery or emergency care, and, afterward, we want to be able to stay close to family as we begin the recovery TOPPING OUT CEREMONY is milestone for ACMC construction Future of care 2 ACMC Pulse •